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🌟 Embrace the Journey of

Self-Discovery & Growth with 

FreeeedomTour 🌱✨

At, we embark on a transformative journey that transcends the ordinary, inviting individuals to Embrace the Journey of Self-Discovery & Growth. Founded by Stephanie Blanch, a multifaceted soul on her own quest for wholeness, FreeeedomTour is a platform for those daring to show up as their authentic selves.


🌱✨ Our Essence:

Steph B, a crystal-wearing daughter, aunt, sister, and artivist, leads us in reclaiming discarded fragments and restoring membership to the whole of ourselves. We twerk for resistance, celebrate our uniqueness, and embrace the audacity to be who we are.


🌿 The FreeeedomTour Experience:

FreeeedomTour is the audacious journey to move in alignment with a fully-integrated mind, body, and essence. We say yes to Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual wellness, weaving a tapestry of self-love, resilience, and joy.


💙 The Journey to Wholeness:

Stephanie's personal journey, marked by fumbles and victories, inspires us to STOP, Choose ourselves, and Re-ALIGN. The FreeeedomTour is a commitment to growth, a path illuminated by new experiences, self-affirmation, and the courage to live fully.


🌟 Our Invitation:

Join us in this sacred walk in the world. Expect new ground, new sounds, and the embrace of every scar and bruise as a testament to your unique journey. Live in your body, empowered by gratitude. Retreat into self for the sake of self, prune what doesn't serve you, laugh, breathe, and let's grow together. #LETSGETTHISGROWTHFAM


✨ Stephanie Blanch:

(She/Her/They/Them), M.S. in Educational Leadership and Urban Education. A BIPOC Best Selling author on Amazon and a member of the W.I.T.C.H. Voices Publishing Team. An educator since 2004 and NYC Public High School Special Education Teacher (2008-2023). Stephanie guides the FreeeedomTour for healing and growth. Born in Chicago, she curates curriculum, workshops, and workbooks, contributing to The Right Within Experience, Turn Lemons to Lemonade with WakeUp Now, LLC., and W.I.T.C.H. Voices Illuminated Summit.

💫 FreeeedomTour’s Mission:

Embrace Change, Live Fully, and Heal. Discover a journey of growth, wellness, and self-expression through community engagement, art, healing, and spirituality. Join us in the transformative experience at Together, let's illuminate the path to a more empowered, whole, and joyous existence. 💫🌿✨

This journey says yes to:

💙 Mental wellness
💚 Physical wellness
💛 Emotional wellness
💜 Spiritual wellness
I used to show up in the world as only fragments of myself, comfortable yet exhausted. The pieces deemed valuable by others got light and love, while I dimmed my own light. But one day, I asked myself, 'How's that working for you?' It wasn't. It led to anxiety and depression.
It was clear I had to:
  1. STOP!!!!!
  2. Choose, ME
  3. Re-ALIGN 
Now, I'm not at a place of all-knowing, but being on my way is delicious! This journey is full of fumbles, stumbles, words I won't take back, and victories. The FreeeedomTour was deciding, 'Today is the day the growth begins.'

Stephanie Blanch (She/Her/They/Them), is a School Coach and Consultant with Peer Connect with an M.S. Educational Leadership, and an M.S. Urban Education, an esteemed educator for two decades, resides at the crossroads of transformation and empowerment. Her journey began on Chicago’s Westside, where the rhythm of poetry became her constant companion, guiding her since third grade to sort through the complexities of life. Now, Stephanie stands as a beacon of empowerment for others, weaving her path as a New York City Public High School Special Educator.

Amid the tapestry of her endeavors, Stephanie's most recent chapter is the embodiment of healing and growth: FreeeedomTour. Within this realm, she orchestrates a symphony of guidance, curating a journey to reconcile the discarded fragments of self and nurture their integration. As Jenée Johnson’s Instructional Designer for The Right Within Experience (TRWE, 2023), Stephanie's presence is deeply felt. Her nurturing spirit brought forth the Easy Love Easy Practice workbook, harmoniously curated YouTube and Spotify playlists, and a collaboration with Jenée for the TRWE Master Class series.

Stephanie's luminance extends beyond her digital domain. She's appeared on Brown Girl Healing: Snap Out of it, Babe (2022), hosted Throat Chakra Open Mics, Duafe, the Black Gyrl Collective (BGC), and Breathe: community write-ins for healing. Her evocative poetry and prose echo in various exhibitions, including Blacktivism: The New Generation in Washington, DC (2016), Iris Literary Journal Volume 1, Issue 2 (2020), and Beautiful Minds Volume: Honey (2020). Stephanie's voice resonates through gatherings like Mimosas and Wafers: Penny IV Your Thoughts (2021), La Mama Poetry Electric: Tribute to Toni Morrison (2019), Harlem Pride: Speak Your Myne (2019), and many more.

At the helm of FreeeedomTour, Stephanie orchestrates a transformative platform that invites individuals to embrace change, live authentically, and embark on a journey of healing and growth. Through a symphony of community engagement, poetry, art, healing practices, and spirituality, FreeeedomTour facilitates personal development and self-expression. With passion and purpose, Stephanie Blanch illuminates the path of holistic well-being, cultivating a nurturing space for individuals to reclaim their entirety and live fully aligned lives.

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Love, Balance & Protection to you, Lovebugs

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